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Motherland's Gold Moringa Capsules
brought to you by:
Motherland's Gold
Motherland's Gold, Owner
We provide top of the line nutritional products for the Black community, featuring the best nutrition available on planet earth: 100% pure, top quality Moringa Oliefera leaves.


Experience the benefits of Africa's 'Miracle Tree of Life' Moringa Oleifera. Its leaves have the highest concentration of nutrients in any plant ever studied by man. Moringa has 7 times the vitamin C of oranges, 4 times the vitamin A of carrots, 4 times the calcium of milk, 3 times the potassium of bananas and 2 times the protein of yogurt.

Moringa contains more than 90 nutrients, minerals and 46 types of antioxidants. It also contains 18 amino acids, including the eight essential ones that your body needs, can't make on its own, and must get from your food. With all the health benefits of Moringa, it can easily be called 'the most nutritious plant on the face of the earth'. There are no side-effects of Moringa tree leaves which have been proved to date. At the same time, Moringa can be consumed by small children and adults alike.

Many claim that Moringa treats over 300 body ailments and diseases. Many people taking Moringa have reported fast improvements in their general health, energy, skin, digestion, elimination, eyesight, hearing and mental clarity. Many have lost weight and reported improvements in arthritis, blood sugar levels, circulation and their immune systems. Many have also reported reduced pain, reduced swelling, reduced appetite, healthier looking skin and hair, and even reduced wrinkles.

Moringa has been used in Africa for thousands of years and was even found in ancient Egyptian tombs. Today, Moringa is single handedly handling malnutrition in Africa for thousands of Black people, as well as bringing great nutrition to people all over the world. Click the PLAY COMMERCIAL button above and watch the short documentary about Moringa from the Discovery Health Channel.

The leaves of this amazing tree are harvested, crushed into powder, packaged, and brought to you by Motherland's Gold, who prides itself on bringing you the BEST Moringa available on the planet.  Our Moringa is tested, encapsulated and bottled in the United States in a cGMP compliant facility under FDA regulations. The QUALITY and RESULTS achieved with Motherland's Gold Moringa, as reported by satisfied customers, is far superior.

Our bottles contain 120 vegetarian capsules (1 month supply for 1 person)

Also, check out our:

- Leaf Powder Bags

- Tea Bags

- Drops

- Value Packs

Order Motherland's Gold Moringa today, start taking it consistently, and experience the 'Miracle' for yourself.


 Each vegetable capsules contains 100% Moringa Oleifera leaf powder (400 mg)

Become a Supporter and SAVE on your future, monthly orders:
- Save 10% on each bottle (only $26.99)
During checkout, select YES to Become a Supporter.
Only $29.99   (15 points)

Customer Testimonials

R. P.

Motherland's Gold Moringa was the first product I purchased from the Buy Black Movement, and will use it forever. When I began, I was overweight, had high blood pressure, glucose & cholesterol. After using this product for 4 months @ 4/day. I've lost 18 lbs, and was pleasantly surprised when my doctor informed me my blood work and blood pressure were now normal.

R. P.

B. S.

Back in December, I had a yearly medical check up. The tests indicated that I had a high cholestrol level, borderline diabetes and a continual history of high blood pressure. 3 months later I became a Buy Black Movement Supporter and began using Motherland's Gold Moringa capsules. Before the first bottle of Motherland's Gold was finished, the pain in my right knee disappeared!

In July, I added the Moringa tea for the pre-diabetic condition. Later that month, I had a follow up blood test. My blood pressure was down to 123/70. It had been in the 150 range. I had also lost 6 pounds!

I received a letter from my doctor at Kaiser. It stated: "Congrations! Your cholestrol and blood sugar levels have improved remarkably and are within normal range. Your blood pressue is also well-controlled."

I salute my ancestors and give thanks for the Buy Black Movement and Lucille Butler for introducing me to these healing products.  I have told several of my friends and am in the process of getting them the hook-up!

B. S.

D. R.

I love being an official Black Business Supporter and purchasing these wonderful Black-made products! I'm getting Motherland's Gold Moringa Capsules delivered to my home every month so I don't run out. It helps me with my sinus problems, energy levels, hair & nail growth eyesight and maintaining my weight. My hair has not been down to the middle of my back since I was around 10 yrs old. But it is now!!

D. R.

All praise to Motherland Gold Moringa. I am 10 days into my first bottle of capsules. I am feeling such mental alertness and physical energy. This will be a part my daily dietary supplements. I want to thank the Black Business Network for my healing.

G. M.

L. B.

I love Motherland's Gold Moringa capsules. I get a monthly supply so that I maintain my high level of energy and wellness. Motherland's Gold Moringa is an excellent nutraceutical product that nourishes the body. It has made a noticeable difference with my body in just a short time. There is no reason for me to ever stop using this product!

L. B.

I came to Los Angeles to visit my mom. I told her that my sugar levels, my cholesterol and my blood pressure were all up. She immediately told me, "Baby, we have a lady that goes to our church that sells natural herbs that come from Africa. Your sister and I take it for all kinds of things". My mom called Sister Toni, she came right over and told me all about Motherland's Gold Moringa.

My blood sugar level was 130, my cholesterol was 212, and my blood pressure was 186 over 85.  I started taking Motherland's Gold Moringa and went to the doctor 3 months later. My blood sugar level was down from 130 to 116, my cholesterol was down from 212 to 149, and my blood pressure was down from 186/85 to 117/76!!!  I can truly say that Motherland's Gold Moring helped me!

The doctor was so impressed with my numbers that he cut my blood pressure medication IN HALF!  

My daughter started taking Motherland's Gold Moringa to lose weight as well, and she says it cuts her appetite.

Thank you Toni for introducing me to Motherland's Gold Moringa!

In the Mightly Name of JESUS, I Will Stay HEALED In Thy Name.


S. W.

L. C.

I have been excited since it happened! Oh my God! I had to post...

I was out of town last weekend and must have stumbled across poison ivy at work while walking through the woods . I got a rash on both legs and on my face. I also had some random blotches on stomach and ankle. It was just out of control and so I was worried. I was putting some calamine lotion on it, but the rash had gotten worse. I really wanted it to stop.

Well, when I got to my hotel, I did not bring the calamine lotion with me. I started rubbing my legs that were itching, and rubbing my face and hair! I was a mess. The poison ivy rash started to spread all over my hair into my face.  I was like no no no! This cannot be happenning!

So I looked into my bag and took out my Motherland's Gold Moringa capsules. I took 3 capsules, opened them up, added some water and made a thick paste. I put the green Moringa paste on my hair, face and legs. It started burning and after 10 minutes it stop itching!!

Well, the next morning, not only was the itching gone, IT WAS GONE! Oh my God! I was like, "Get out of here!". It worked so very well!

I thought you could only take Motherland's Gold Moringa as tea, capsules or powder, but now I know that you can make it into a paste and apply it to your skin. It works!

L. C.

E. B.

Motherland's Gold Moringa has GREATLY improved my health...


I was suffering from yeast infections in my blood. I was on Insulin for 5 months.  Then, I started taking Motherland's Gold Moringa a month ago. Once I started taking Moringa, I started seeing results. I felt difference in my body. Within 6 days, My blood issues were clearing up. My energy went up. I'm not sore anymore when I work out. My bones aren't sore anymore. Best of all, I stopped taking insulin. I don't need it anymore!


I also had a neck and back injury, as well as carpotunnel in both arms.  Thanks to Motherland's Gold Moringa, my pain is down to 1%.  Now, I am able to function so much better!


My 12 year old daughter was having a skin issue. I opened a Motherland's Gold Moringa capsule, mixed it with some vitamin E oil, and put it on my daughter's face and skin.  The next day her face was pretty much cleared up. You could hardly see anything!


I'm also sleeping better at night since taking Motherland's Gold Moringa. I even had a spiritual dream, a revealation of what God is doing in my life.

I absolutely love this product. Motherland's Gold Moringa is doing wonders in my life.

E. B.

K. M.

Motherland's Gold Moringa has proven itself once again. Occasionally I travel to downtown Los Angeles on business. I know a place where you can park for free. The drawback is you have to walk up this big hill to get to where you are going. In the past when I braved this hill I would be huffing and puffing, just barely making it to the top of the hill, praying to Jesus to help me make it. Well, because I have been taking the Moringa capsules, and drinking the tea, yesterday to my surprise I made it up to the top of the hill without gasping for air or clinging to life. I was so surprised that I looked back to see if what I was experiencing was really happening. And it was! To my surprise Motherland's Gold Moringa has increased my stamina and given me a quick recovery from braving that monstrous hill in Downtown Los Angeles!

Thank you TAG TEAM for bringing Black-made products that work for Black people!

K. M.

What a beautiful day it is! And it’s even more beautiful because I feel good and I have the energy to complete my daily task, instead of putting it off until the weekend.

I rise at 3:30 in the morning take my first dose of Motherland's Gold Moringa and my day starts. I am in my mid fifties and my children have noticed my energy level rise. I drink my water and I workout and I feel great. My sleep is so restful and when I rise I feel great. My thoughts are clear and concise, and I am more alert. I no longer experience hot flashes or mood swings. My elimination is twice a day, and my appetite has decreased which has aided in the losing of weight. My DESIRE has increased and my sweetie loves it all the more!!!

I am a forever Motherland's Gold Moringa Woman!!!!

A. N.

L. J.

I was introduced to this miraculous Motherland's Gold Moringa by a friend who witnessed one of my menopausal sweat outbreaks. 

Since I began taking Motherland’s Gold Moringa, I’ve experienced a decrease in hot flashes and sugar cravings. I’ve experienced an increase in my hair growth. It has even helped to curb my appetite. I've been monitoring my blood pressure since taking Motherland’s Gold Moringa and it has helped so much! I’ve been able to cut my prescription medications in half, and I'm on my way to eliminating the rest.

I love Motherland’s Gold Moringa!  I treat it like the credit card commercial… I don’t leave home without it!

L. J.

D. S.

I have been plagued with high cholesterol for years. My cholesterol had reached a high of 345. I tried boosting my exercise, changing my diet, and living a healthier lifestyle. Nothing worked. I had to eventually get on a low dose of simvastatin; which caused multiple side effects after being on it for only two months. I knew that I could not continue with the medication even though it dropped my cholesterol significantly. After I got off of the medication, my cholesterol spiked again to 326.

By now I had joined the Black Business Network and became an official Supporter. The Motherland's Gold Moringa that was advertised caught my eye. I ordered it and was hoping and praying that it would lower this pesty cholesterol. After taking the Moringa twice a day for about two months, I had another blood test to determine if my cholesterol had changed. 

To my surprise, I got the report that my total cholesterol had dropped from 326 to 234!!! MY LDL was 234 and it had dropped to 164!!! A side bonus was that I have super energy and I had dropped 5 pounds from my last doctor’s visit. Wow!!! I will say it again, Motherland's Gold Moringa works!!!

D. S.

D. B.

Dorothy L .Bonner Glasses Dorothy L. Bonner no glasses

I started taking Motherland's Gold Moringa in December and by January 16th, I noticed improvements: my digestion, elimination, energy, sleep and ability to recover from exercise all improved. I also noticed one amazing and unexpected improvement: I no longer needed my prescription glasses!

I was previously diagnosed with a stigmatism, which is a problem where my eyes got tired of focusing. I also had a recent scratch on my cornea. After many years of wearing contact lenses my doctor advised me to never wear them again due to the eye damage, so I switched to using eye glasses.

For the past 5 days, I have not needed my prescription glasses! It is amazing that I can drive, read books, use my computer, watch TV and use my cell phone without the assistance of prescription glasses. It is SO EXCITING that I can't keep it to myself!

I must spread the great news that Motherland's Gold Moringa WORKS! It has obviously given my eyes the nutrients they needed in order to restore my eyesight!

D. B.

Motherland's Gold Moringa helped me have the energy to prepare Thanksgiving Dinner!  I had all the energy I needed to set the table with all the fine dishes and wash them too!  Thanks to Motherland's Gold Moringa, I shopped and started preparing the food at 5:30am for my family and friends!  I kept saying, "Thank God for the energy!"

I take the capsules and drink the tea nightly!  I prayed for something good for my Black body!  My brother shared the good news about Motherland's Gold Moringa and I tried it!  Thank God!

S. J.

L. M.

Since taking Motherland's Gold Moringa Tea, I have lost 15 pounds and I am sleeping much better. My blood pressure is now balanced.  My overall health has improved.  It is a wonderful product.

L. M.

Today, I was sitting down and started to feel pain in my abdomen (muenstral cramps). As I was sitting there, the pain got progressively worse. I decided to see if Motherland's Gold Moringa could help. So, I got up and took 2 heaping tablespoons of the Motherland's Gold Moringa powder mixed with juice. Within 5 minutes, the pain was manageable. Within 30 minutes, the pain was GONE! It was AMAZING!

I also had a nagging pain in my back from lifting something too heavy. Well THAT PAIN WENT AWAY TOO!

I am so glad that I have Motherland's Gold Moringa. If I didn't, my whole day would have been miserable. Instead, I feel GREAT!

L. L.

T. T.

I currently work as a security officer in an environment that is extremely difficult to secure. I am constantly on the move and guess I walk roughly 3 to 4 miles daily. As a result my legs are constantly fatigued. After using Motherlands Gold Moringa for only 2 days my legs feel great! Thanks for having such an awesome product!

T. T.

C. N.

I like Motherland's Gold Moringa a lot!  We are putting it on everything we eat. We even put it in our daily shakes. When we ran out of pepper recently, I even put some of it in our pepper shaker so we could sprinkle it on our food.

C. N.

V. N.

Motherland's Gold Moringa is doing so much good for so many people I know. One girl told me that since she started taking it, her asthma is not as bad. Another girl called me and said her hair is growning back!  Her hair is growing,... her nails are growing,... this stuff is crazy!  Also, it's giving men so much energy!  I am telling all my friends to make sure their husband take Motherland's Gold Moringa.

I am telling EVERYBODY about Motherland's Gold Moringa because I have a genuine concern for others, and I know what Motherland's Gold Moringa can do for people.  If they are within two feet of me, I am telling them about it.  I am just spreading the word about this miraculous product.


V. N.

Several months ago I had knee surgery.  I have had to wear a knee brace and deal with a lot of pain.  Within five days of taking Motherland's Gold Moringa, I had already received great results.  The pain in my knee greatly decreased.  I am now able to remove my brace and walk and sleep confidently.  I can tell the scar tissue in my knee is healing better.  I did not hesitate to purchase another bottle for my wife.  She is looking fowrward to getting relief from the swelling in her ankle.  Motherland's Gold Moringa is great!

V. P.

C. H.

A friend of mine recently introduced me to this product, Motherland's Gold Moringa.

After using this product for the first week, I had lost 5 lbs... WOW! Incredible!

And now, an additional 2lbs has come off.  Even my co-workers noticed the weight loss!

I will continue using this product.

C. H.

H. D.

Motherland’s Gold Moringa is such an excellent product!


I have always been 105-115 pounds (including my adult life), but I had started gaining weight. By February, I had grown to 175 pounds. My doctor told me I had to do physical therapy, etc. I was in tears. How do I manage my life?!? My body couldn’t carry the weight. I saw a dark tunnel ahead. NO! This is not going to be me. My body is important and I must love me for me to continue to be strong for others, as well as to keep an image for the Fashion & Entertainment industry I'm in. I was determined to weigh 115-120 again! 


Before I tried Motherland's Gold Moringa, I would read the daily emails about it and watch the videos to receive more info on how it works. But I still didn’t believe the product would work for me. So I called my friend who introduced me to it with my concerns and questions, and he explained to me how the product has worked for him. So, I ordered Motherland’s Gold Moringa for myself and also some for my mother. We both saw a results quickly...


After only 2 weeks, I had already lost 3 pounds! I’ve been taking Motherland’s Gold Moringa for 3 months now and I'm down to 150 pounds!! I was previously doing a workout program, which I no longer do, and I'm still losing weight. The results are great! "My Weight Shall Not Become Me"


I use to drink 6-cups of coffee a day for energy. Since taking Motherland's Gold Moringa, I now only drink 1 cup of coffee. My energy is extremely high. I am full of life, like an “energizer battery”,... I go on & on & on.


Motherland's Gold Moringa has also improved many of my main health concerns including my digestion, my elimination, my eyesight, my hearing and my arthritis. I have more mental clarity since taking it, too. Motherland's Gold Morgina has also improved my blood sugar levels. It has improved the circulation in my legs and reduced the swelling and pain I had. It has also improved my immune system, reduced my appetite and it helps me rest better at night.


I've gotten all of this and so much more, just by using this product for 3-months and counting. If anyone asks me, I tell them it’s called "Stand an Innovation" Moringa! Motherland's Gold Moringa has helped me, and it can help you, so call today and order your Motherland's Gold Moringa!

H. D.

J. W.

I have been using Motherland’s Gold Moringa for roughly 3 and 1/2 weeks.  I was previously doing a workout program and after about a month I had lost about 5 pounds.  Once I started taking Motherland’s Gold Moringa, 3 and 1/2 weeks later, I have tripled my weight loss.  I lost 11 more pounds.  I have lost 3 times as much weight.  Now I have more energy as well.  I can feel that I have more energy.  I am not dragging, tired and worn out now.  Motherland’s Gold Moringa has helped me to be more disciplined to do my work out now.  I am not worn out after 10 hours of work.  Normally after 10 hours, I am pooped.  I have energy and stuff and I am feeling good.  It’s all thanks to Motherland's Gold Moringa.

J. W.

D. R.

Motherland's Gold Moringa has not only helped me to sleep better at night but has increased my energy tremendously during the day. I also decided to take two extra capsules one day when I had a sinus headache and before I realized it, the pain and pressure was totally gone!

I used to have an issue with one of my gums after I lost a crown off my tooth.  If any food got in that area my gums would swell and get very tender.  After taking the extra capsules of Motherland's Gold Moringa for my sinus headache the other day, I noticed that the swelling in my gums was not even there anymore!

My husband has also been taking Motherland's Gold Moringa and said that his vision has been so much better. Lately, he doesn't need to use his reading glasses anymore!

D. R.

Z. D.

I want to tell the world how Motherland's Gold Moringa has helped me and my husband.

My friend Donna Jones introduced me to Motherland's Gold Moringa and I tried it. I began to be energized, my energy level improved and my pain has subsided!  My husband's hands stopped feeling sleepy (which had troubled him for years)!

I am so happy to be taking this product because I am in a wheelchair and I'm looking foward to it working with my immune system. I am also looking forward to it helping me with other parts of my body.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to let you know how well Motherland's Gold Moringa is working in my life!

Z. D.

D. N.

I want to let you know how excited I am about Motherland's Gold Moringa.  Motherland's Gold Moringa helped me!

Motherland's Gold Moringa has helped me reduce all the pain I was having all over my body. I helped me be able to rest and feel comfortable. It has also reduced my swelling.

No one can tell me that Motherland's Gold Moringa does not work, because it is working for me. I will tell everyone. You need to try Motherland's gold Moringa and find out for yourself.  

I am really satisfied with Motherland's Gold Moringa.

D. N.

P. A.

I just started taking Motherland's Gold Moringa a few weeks ago and I feel SO MUCH BETTER!! I am just blown away with this product. My whole family is benefitting. We have had lots of wonderful things happen as a result of using Motherland's Gold Moringa...

Before taking it, I was retaining a lot of water. I used to be so bloated,... swollen all over, especially around my cycle. Even my arms were swollen. Since using Motherland's Gold Moringa, it has really been flushing me out. I have gotten smaller. My body has started going down BY INCHES!

I feel so much better, too. I have more energy. I used to feel very sluggish all the time. Now, I don't feel as sluggish. I used to feel tired. Now I have energy.

My skin has even started to clear up. My skin looks so much better since taking Motherland's Gold Moringa.   

I used to have inflammation in my knees. Now, my knees are not as swollen anymore.

I used to feel pain in my joints. Now, I don't have the pain anymore. In the past, it would even hurt me to walk up stairs. Now, I'm just FLYING up the stairs!

Even my eyesight has improved since taking Motherland's Gold Moringa. I can SEE better.

My hair has even changed. It's more shiny now.

I feel better. I look better. And I got all of this out of JUST ONE BOTTLE! I can just imagine what I'll get out of the second bottle.

My family started taking a few of the capsules too...

My 9 year old son is overweight. But since taking Motherland's Gold Moringa, been more energetic. Before Motherland's Gold, he wasn't going to the bathroom as much. Since he has been taking it, he has been going to the bathroom more!

My 9 year old also had dark circles under his eyes. The dark circles have disappeared since he started taking Motherland's Gold Moringa.

My oldest son is 24. He had a lot of acne. He wanted to try it too, but we only had one bottle, so he started taking just 1 capsule per day... and his skin started clearing up! He is looking better.

I Got All Of This Out Of JUST ONE BOTTLE!

Motherland's Gold Moringa affected us all, so fast. We immediately saw a difference. We are all going to continue taking it.

I am just so glad that the Lord blessed us with this product. I was looking for something that was natural, that gave us everything we needed, in one bottle... and I found it in Motherland's Gold Moringa!

I do not want to go without it. I love Motherland's gold Moringa. I love it! I love it!

P. A.

A. M.

I have been using Motherland's Gold Moringa for weeks now. My energy level has really boosted since I've been using this product. My eyes are sharper, and I have an enourmous amount of just... ENERGY. I even notice, my skin is getting better.

I sprinkle the leaf powder on my food. I mix the powder with hot water and use it as a tea. I even take the capsules as well. I use it all three ways.

I have referred Motherland's Gold Moringa to my friends, too. They are using it now. Even my daughter bought some and is taking it. I will recommend Motherland's Gold Moringa to anybody to use, even just as a vitamin. I will give you a tremendous amount of 'good'!

A. M.

D. G.

I am a member of the Black Business Network.  I have been using Motherland's Gold Moringa for a little over a month and my energy is phenomenal!  I have more energy to push even more in the gym and I have discontinued using some of my highly toxic medicines. Get Motherland's Gold Moringa today! 


D. G.

I began taking Motherland's Gold Moringa because I needed a nutritional product that would give me a much needed boost.  After taking Motherland's Gold Moringa, not only did I get the needed energy to get through my hectic daily schedule, but I also lost unwanted weight.

I shared this product with my husband who has high blood pressure.  High blood pressure runs on his side of the family.  Both my husband and his brother had a stroke, coupled with other health issues.  His brother had three strokes.  Motherland's Gold Moringa has greatly improved their quality of life.  My husband no longer has hot flashes that he was left with after having a tumor removed from his brain.  To our amazement, his brother, within only days of taking Motherland's Gold Moringa is healing right before our eyes.  His once pale skin is tone and is now more alive and radient.  The swelling and gout in his elbow is gone and he now has the ability to reach and grasp.

Our family loves Motherland's Gold Moringa! We receive it every month on autoship.

T. S.

I am very pleased with the results that my daughter and I are receiving since we began taking Motherland's Gold Moringa.

My daughter claimed the first bottle for herself.  Since taking Motherlans's Gold Moringa, she is no longer dealing with chronic PMS symptoms. The bloating, cramps and mood swings are gone.  Her acne even improved.  She is so happy.

And I now have regular bowel movements.  That's a huge plus for me.

This product is awesome. We look forward to purchasing more Motherland's Gold Moringa in the future.

C. S.

Motherland's Gold Moringa is amazing!

I'm older, I work out and I usually have a lot of pain. I was taking a lot of medication to fight pain, but since I've been taking Motherland's Gold Moringa, I have not had to take the pain medication. I am really excited about that! This stuff is real!

Also, at my age, I need good bowel movements and Motherland's Gold Moringa helps to keep me regular. If I drink more water, I'm sure it's going to be even better.

I love it! I'm excited! Order me another bottle of Motherland's Gold Moringa!

V. H.

C. C.

My hands are stiff but they have not been popping since I started taking the Motherland's Gold Moringa.  I have more energy and I am not as hungry.  I also weighed myself the other day and I lost 5 pounds!  Motherland's gold Moringa has curbed my appetite and I am feeling good.  My blood pressure is doing good too.

C. C.

I love Motherland's Gold Moringa. It's truly amazing what it has done for my joints and knees. It has corrected about 60% of the issues with my them. They are so much better now.

I don't have all the stiffness. My right knee had a "knee spurring kinda of a bump" on it on the corner.  It would also pop when I walked.  After using Motherland's Gold Moringa, it does not do that now. I haven't noticed it popping for a couple of weeks now! It has been less than a month! I'm just shocked!

After sitting, I used to have to walk a few steps to get my leg straightened out. Also, I used to wonder if I could get off the bus without falling, because my knees would shake when I stood up. I don't notice that at all now.

I noticed the benefits within a couple of days of using Motherland's Gold. At the end of a week, I was so much better. Since using this product, some days, I could not even tell that I had a knee problem.

Also, my fibroid appears to be smaller. When I feel it, it does not feel quite as big. My fibroid is not as uncomfortable now, either.

My mother takes it too and within a couple of days she noticed that her soreness was a lot better. It is truly amazing!

I feel that if I keep taking Motherland's Gold Moringa on a consistent basis, it will correct all the problems I have. I am very very pleased with it. Motherland's Gold is like my vitamin. I will continue taking Motherland's Gold Moringa daily.

G. M.

E. F.

Motherland's Gold Moringa is making minor miracles here in Oklahoma...

Today I started my work day out full blast and became fatigued to where I couldn't do anything for about thirty minutes. I decided to see if Motherland's Gold Moringa works topically (on top of my skin).

So, I took two capsules, opened them up, mixed the moringa leaf power with liquid and made a paste. First, I rubbed some under my foot and it became looser within one minute. Then, I noticed that my big toe was still stiff, so I rubbed some on it as well, and it became looser too. Finally, I rubbed some on my inner wrist and in a couple of minutes I could breathe better! I felt so much better that I could finish working. 

I joined the Black Star Sales Agent program so I could sell Motherland's Gold Moringa here in Oklahoma.  It doesn't seem like I can keep enough inventory on hand because it's selling so fast!

E. F.

M. M.

I feel fantastic since I started taking Motherland's Gold Moringa!  I  feel better overall. My energy is way up. I feel motivated! My focus has increased. Now, when I want to do something, I DO IT until it’s done!!

I have been waking up without my alarm clock. I haven’t even used my alarm clock since I started taking Motherland's Gold Moringa.  Before, I used to wake up to the alarm, hit the snooze button and go back to sleep for 10 minutes.  Now, I can’t even go back to sleep because when I wake up, I’m up!

Motherland's Good Moringa is awesome!

M. M.

C. S.

Motherland's Gold Moringa has worked great for me...

I am 51 years old and I work different shifts on my job.  I have been up since 6am and I don’t seem to find myself tired anymore.

I had a cold and so I ordered Motherland's Gold Moringa to see if it could help.  I took some cough syrup before I received my order.  When I received my Motherland’s Gold Moringa, my cough had gotten pretty bad.  My cough felt like I was losing a lung every once in a while.  My immune system is pretty good, but when I get a cold, its pretty bad.  I purposely did not take any more cough syrup and I stopped taking over-the-counter medications, to allow the Motherland’s Gold Moringa to help my immune system fight off the cold.  It has been a week, and I don’t have that cold anymore.

I'm sleeping well and waking up when I need to.  I'm notorious for oversleeping.  That oversleeping is not there today.

Motherland’s Gold Moringa is very easy on my digestive system.  I have had no adverse effects or anything.  It's definitely a product that I want to keep in my medicine cabinet.

Furthermore, I love the fact that a Black company makes this product.  I want to stay with Motherland's Gold Moringa and support a Black-owned business.

I will be recommending Motherland’s Gold Moringa to the people I know. It's just great. I plan to get on the auto-ship program to receive this product every month.

C. S.

T. H.

I tried everything to lose weight including diet pills and exercise programs. I had little to no success. Then, I was introduced to Motherland’s Gold Moringa a month ago.  Once I started taking this amazing product, my life started to change...

I stopped craving all of the junk foods that I had been eating.  I found that I am not hungry during the day, like I was in the past.  When I eat, I am not able to finish a full meal, because I am actually full! I have to remind myself to eat because I am not hungry. As a result, I am losing weight.

I do not require a lot of sleep anymore, and I wake up with lots of energy, while in the past, it was difficult to get up in the morning. Also, I have become more focused and I have more patient.

Now, when I exercise at the gym, I found that my energy and stamina is much higher, and I am looking forward to my workouts! That’s not the miracle, though!  There were several weeks where I was unable to workout, yet I still lost weight! I could not believe it!  

My pants have gotten loose. I have several pairs that are so loose now, that I have to keep pulling them back up on my waist. 

When I went to church a few weeks ago, members complimented me on my weight loss! Women came up to me after church and asked me what I was doing? I told them about Motherland's Gold Moringa.

Then, I went to a friends office that had not seen me in a month. When I walked through his office door, he complimented me on how much weight I had lost in such a short period of time... he was amazed! I shared Motherland's Gold Moringa with him as well.

Motherland's Gold Moringa has been life changing for me. I love this product!

T. H.

I. P.

 I weigh approximately 380 pounds.  I started taking Motherland's Gold Moringa three weeks ago and I have already lost 5 pounds!  Last week, a lady at a restaurant that I frequent said that my face looks slimmer.  Amazing!

I have had pain in my knee for about 9 months and  I realized I have not had any pain in my knee in two weeks since taking Motherland's Gold Moringa.  The pain is gone!

Kudo’s to Patrina Roy for encouraging me to drink lots of water too, while taking Motherland's Gold Moringa!  I have been doing that as well, and am having great results!

I will get some more Motherland's Gold Moringa... that's for sure!

I. P.

C. H.

Erroll Paden introduced to me a product called Motherland's Gold Moringa.  After using this product for the first week, I had lost 5 lbs – WOW – incredible and now an additional 2 lbs have come off.  Even my co-workers noticed the weight loss.  I will continue using this product.

C. H.

T. W.

After taking Motherland's Gold Moringa, I have more energy and I am more awake.  I am not groggy in the morning when I start at 6am.  My digestive system is smoother too.

T. W.

V. M.

I began taking Motherland’s Gold Moringa because I have high blood pressure and my doctor ordered me to lose at least 15 pounds.  I am one week into taking this product and I have already experienced awesome results!

My energy level has increased tremendously.  Not only have I already dropped 4 pounds, but I actually feel lighter and more comfortable in my clothes.  My normal PMS symptoms have been greatly reduced.  That awful bloating, cramping feeling that plagues me every month did not bother me this time. 

I would recommend Motherland’s Gold Moringa to everyone!!!

V. M.

T. H.

I sustained a knee injury about 4 months ago. So, 2 weeks ago, I started taking Motherland's Gold Moringa to help with it.

I am a frequent public transportation rider, so of course I'm always on the go. Well today, I had to run for the train. I literally flew down TWO flights of steps just to make it.

I haven't been able to walk fast, let alone run anywhere, until I started taking Motherland's Gold Moringa.  I am such a true believer, that I advise everyone to try this goldmine of a product!!

T. H.

R. B.

I just wanted to tell you, real quick, how Motherland's Moringa Gold has helped me in so many ways, so far...

I am a Type I diabetic and crave sugar ALL the time.  Since taking Motherland's Gold Moringa, I have had no sugar cravings, much less an appetite.  I'm more conscience of what I am putting in my mouth now because I have to force myself to eat.

Also, I started waking up every morning at 4:45 am and hitting the gym by 5:00 am for a 45-60 minute workout.  Before Motherland's Gold Moringa, I was not a morning person. Now, I look forward to waking up to workout!

Lastly, I feel the toxins leaving my body and I feel lighter on my toes.

Thank you for introducing Motherland's Gold Moringa to me!

R. B.

M. F.

About a week ago, my son-in-law told me about Motherland’s Gold Moringa. In just 3 days, I began to feel the results...

I was watching my granddaughter one afternoon. She was running around and I noticed she had a pencil in her hand. I chased after her to take the pencil away.

Once I caught her, I realized that I didn’t have any pain in my knees...  and normally they would really be aching!

This stuff really works! I tried it and now I know.

M. F.

V. B.

Hello All, I have been using Motherland's Gold Moringa for 14 days now and I have never felt better.  I've lost a whole dress size!!!  I really like the product!!!

V. B.

M. B.

I have been using Motherland's Gold Moringa for one month now. I love it. It is so great to know that Motherland Gold Moringa is all natural.

It has been a fantastic experience for me. Within one week of using it, I noticed a big increase in my energy!

Also, I am anemic.  My hands have always been pale as a result. After a few weeks of taking Motherland's Gold Moringa, my blood circulation has increased. Now, my hands are more pinkish/reddish color.

It is really amazing!

M. B.

D. A.

This Motherland's Gold Moringa is OOOFFFFF THE CHAIN! It is seriously helping me to write more music because I have a clearer thought process. Amazing!

D. A.

Motherland's Gold Moringa has been amazing for me.  I've lost weight.  I got into a suit I have not been able to get into in a long time.  I have not been able to get into that suit for about 3 months, but it fits now. I am going to try on another one of my suits this week.

It is so effortless... just taking a pill. I have a lot more energy too.

E. J.

D. J.

I am a diabetic. I have to test my blood for sugar daily. Normally, it is  200 or 265, something like that.  Now that I am taking Motherland’s Gold Moringa, I tested and it was 73! Furthermore, it has not gotten higher than 167 since I started taking Motherland’s Gold Moringa! Can you believe it?

I am also a cancer survivor. The chemotherapy treatments have caused me lots of pain in my right leg. It hurt so much, that I could not even walk from my bed to my bathroom without being in pain. Since taking Motherland's Gold Moringa, I have not had ANY PAIN AT ALL.

It is almost unbelievable. I have had consistent pain since 2009 when I was receiving chemotherapy UNTIL I started taking Motherland's Gold Moringa 3 weeks ago. Since taking it, I have had NO pain.

If I could stand on top of a house and announce it to the world, I would, because chemo(therapy) pain is no joke!

But that's not all, my hair is growing back! I have a little ponytail now.  I had empty spots from the chemo that now have hair growing! It is really growing in the back, too. I am so energized by this!

I absolutely LOVE Motherland's Gold Moringa.

D. J.

D. W.

My teenage daughter has been taking Motherland's Gold Moringa for about 3 weeks now and her skin has completely changed. The new acne breakouts she would get have just about stopped. Her skin looks clear and she looks and healthier. She also told me her hair has grown. Amazing!

D. W.

D. W.

I had my youngest daughter start taking Motherland's Gold Moringa. She is a pretty healthy little girl so I did not expect to see too much of a change. Well, on the second day of her taking Motherland's Gold, she called me to come up to her room. I went to her room and she had completely cleaned her room. I mean she rearranged her furniture in her room and got rid of the old toys and trash. I was amazed!! She has never done anything like this before. She has been sleeping better and helping out more ever since she has taken Motherland's Gold Moringa.

D. W.

T. G.

Motherland's Gold Moringa has greatly improved the quality of my family’s life. For me, my concentration and focus level is at an all time high. I’m getting more done in less time. I have easily lost 10 pounds within the past 12 days and my skin is radiant.

I also noticed after weight training with my trainer, my muscles are no longer sore like they used to be. My trainer was astonished when I told him that I was not sore. He could not understand how I was able to come back the next day and outperform what I did the previous day. So of course I told him my secret, “Motherland's Gold Moringa”. He had to try it for himself. He loves it and he now has all of his clients taking Moringa.

For my husband, he takes the Motherland's Gold Moringa Leaf Powder and mixes it in his vegetable and fruit juices and he also makes Tropical Moringa Smoothies. He is addicted to Motherland's Gold because it has given him so many benefits from weight loss, increased energy, increased his intensity in weight lifting and improved his digestive system.

Garrett FamilyOur 8 year-old, son takes Motherland's Gold in the morning mixed in with his juice and it helps him to focus in school. I also give him some after school to help him focus on his homework and right before he goes to football practice and it gives him the energy and focus to perform better.

Furthermore, our 15 year-old, son takes Motherland's Gold Moringa. He was diagnosed with ADHD and he never liked taking his medication because of the side effects.  My husband and I decided a long time ago to take him off his medication and try alternative holistic remedies. We made some radical changes to his diet, incorporated meditation, and he takes Motherland's Gold Moringa twice a day. He takes Motherland's Gold on his own without me reminding him. If we run out of Motherland's Gold, he gets upset because he sees the benefits that it gives him. He says that Motherland's Gold has helped him to really focus better in school.

I cannot imagine my home without Motherland's Gold Moringa. I will never run out of it again. As a matter of fact I just ordered a case of it. It is my family’s secret to success, health and well-being. I am so happy that the Black Business Network has this incredible product.

T. G.

D. W.

I CAN FIT INTO MY OLD SUITS!! thanks to Motherland's Gold Moringa!! I am amazed!

I put on a lot of weight over the years and have worked to lose it, with little results. After taking Motherland's Gold Moringa for 3 weeks now, the pounds are just MELTING AWAY! It's hard to describe how excited I am at this amazing and unexpected result. I have not exercised in the last month at all, nor adjusted my diet, yet I've lost more weight than ever by simply taking Motherland's Gold Moringa consistently and drinking a lot of distilled water each day as recommened (1/2 my body weight in ounces).

I now have more energy, my metabolism has sped up, my skin has gotten clearer, I sleep less, I'm happier, I can think clearer, I am getting a LOT more work done... I am just flying high!

This is the best nutritional product I have ever taken. I have NEVER gotten results like this from any of the dozens of vitamins, minerals and juices that I have tried over the years. Motherland's Gold Moringa is simply the BEST!!

D. W.

W. L.

Motherland's Gold Moringa has CHANGED MY LIFE!  I started using it only 4 days ago and I have lost 6 pounds!!!

Also, I've been having problems with my left shoulder for quite some time. My doctors have been giving me medication and sending me to physical therapy, but nothing was helping.  I was in a great deal of physical pain and could barely lift my arm.  After taking Motherland's Gold Moringa ONLY TWICE, the pain was GONE!  Furthermore, I now have FULL MOBILITY in my arm... again in just DAYS.

I have also been sleeping really well.  I have sure have been resting. Usually, I only rest for about an hour at a time, but today, I layed down and slept for several hours and I felt GREAT when I woke up.
I do not have that unpleasant nervous energy that I would get with diet pills, but instead, I just feel good and I have the energy to do whatever I want.  And once I start something, I have the desire to do more. With all of my new found energy, I cleaned my house for the first time in months!  I have cleaned more in the last few days than I have been able to clean in years! 

So many things had been going wrong with my body, that I had been praying to God for something to help.  I have just been being patient, waiting for God to do something for me.  And then, he brought me Motherland's Gold Moringa days ago, and I feel GREAT!  I cannot wait to see what else it is going to do for me!

W. L.

D. W.

My hair is growing!!! I wear my hair in braids most of the time and as a result, I experienced breakage around my edges. Well that is all growing back now. My hair does not frizz like it use to and it is just generally healthier. I notice I have very little hair in my comb after I comb my hair. I am very excited and can not wait to see what else Motherland's Morgina is going to improve.

D. W.

D. C.

I have a full time job, I own my own business, I'm a parent, and I'm doing everything in between.  In the morning, I would be so tired, I would have to pull myself out of the bed. Motherland's Gold Moringa has changed all of that. Now, I have so much energy that I get up at 4am in the morning, ready to go. I have more energy to do what I need to do during day.

I have also noticed that I feel more peaceful, music sounds better, I am more focused. It's amazing.  I have even lost weight, even though I was not even trying to lose weight. I no longer have hunger pains.  I don't get headaches anymore. I just feel good.

Motherland's Gold Moringa is an amazing product and has been just wonderful for me.

D. C.

D. W.

I had been having a  problem with my ankles swelling. Nothing too serious but just something that I noticed. Within a couple of days of taking Moringa that the swelling that I had in my ankles went completely away. Eventhough it was not a big problem, I was glad to see it gone.

D. W.

D. W.

I am literally amazed by Motherland's Gold Moringa and the impact that it is having on my body. The leaves of this tree have so much nutrition in them, that my body seems to be 'healing itself'.  I take 2 capsules every day in the morning and again in the evening, and I also sprinkle the leaf powder on my food. I am also drinking a lot of water as recommened (1/2 my body weight in ounces) each day.

As a result, in only a week, my metabolism seems to have speeded up, my skin is clearing up, I have tons of energy, I am not sleeping nearly as long yet wake up refreshed, and I have lost several inches off my waist!!! My friends have commented that my face has slimmed down as well.  These are the GREATEST RESULTS I HAVE EVER ACHIEVED with any nutritional product, and all without any exercise. I'll be using this product for a long time. Motherland's Gold Moringa is simply AMAZING!

D. W.

D. W.

I have taken Motherland's Gold Moringa and I have lost weight. At first I thought I was imagining it because it happened so fast and I did not change what I was eating, but I tried on a pair of pants that fit a little tight before I started on Motherland's Gold Moringa and they literally feel off of me as I walked!!! I am thrilled!!!!

D. W.

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