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Monday, January 14, 2019

Billy Lee Felder Evive Papaya Moringa Body Wash

When I first ordered Evive Moringa Papaya Body Wash, I received it in the mail and I showered with it that very evening. The next morning, I felt so good that it was like my body was telling me, "Don't ever stop using Evive Moringa Papa Body Wash!" Wow! I felt great.

When I went to work that morning, I heard a voice from distance saying, "What is that you have on?". I saw it was a friend of mine speaking. I explained to him that it was Evive Papaya Moringa Body Wash, a new product in the Buy Black Movement. He immediately said, "Yo, get me some of that!"

This body wash is amazing. It smells soooo good. I keep two or three bottles in my monthly Supporter order. Thank you Nu-Von, Inc. for producing such high-quality products for Black skin.

- B. F.

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