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Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Mary Calta Marcus Garvey: Past, Present & Future

Marcus Garvey was tired of seeing the present condition of the Black race. He had a vision for us to become economy free. He had a vision for us to join together to own land, to have our own government, to become independent and wealthy. He was able to conquer one problem after another without fear. No problem to him was too hard to conquer.

Now, we as Black people must take his vision and move forward unhindered by obstacles that will come, but together push forward and become victorious. As Black people, we can and will become victorious if we just have faith in ourselves, and together with Christ’s help we will be overcomers in Jesus name.

To add to the above, Delxino would stop periodically during his presentation and ask us to turn to our neighbor and discuss for three minutes what we had learned. I thought that this was a very good strategy because first, it broke up the presentation and gave us small breaks and secondly, it helped us to make sure that we understood the information that Delxino was sharing with us. There was so much information about Garvey’s vision for our race and his many accomplishments that many of us were astonished because we never knew about these things before now.

Thank you Delxino. Your presentation was extraordinary!

- M. C.

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